Gaudenz Badrutt – Ganglions


Vinyl – Aussenraum

Sinusoidal sounds, internal and external feedback, hits of piercing and infectious noise, and also repeated, sensitive and hissing drone deposits. This is the list of frequencies we get when we listen to Ganglions, an audio-project by Gaudenz Badrutt that is difficult to define, working on the edge between improvisational and abstract music, full of synthetic experimentalisms and references to some earthly organic matter. The Swiss sound artist, whose musical career began as a contemporary classical pianist, shows some passages full of machinic shocks and vital moods, while the metaphor of a peripheral nerve structure drives him throughout the development of feverish and highly tense sequences. The album features two compositions, “Supraesophageal” and “Suboesophageal”, both lasting around 20 minutes. The first is immediately abrasive, heinous and full of painful audio excesses. The latter, if possible, is even more primitive and disruptive, twisted and unstable. Particularly in “Suboesophageal”, the feeling of urgency in assembling the parts is furious, with unexpected overlaps and asynchronous ticks and some extremely dense concentrations of expanded and disorderly sound matters. Ganglions is a new release for the Aussenraum Records catalog, and was made when Gaudenz Badrutt was working on his dissertation on the work of Luc Ferrari and probably, we guess, this influenced his approach. Badrutt mainly uses a computer connected to other electronic devices and to a modular synthesizer. Both tracks constantly show an alternation between shorts sounds and more constant and longer modulated sounds. A creative process whose nature is improvisational supports this dialogue. The approach is originally conceived in studio but later developed in performance into a complete but still changing form.


Gaudenz Badrutt – Ganglions/strong>