Neural 64, Post-Growth + extra: Post-Growth Toolkit by Nicolas Maigret and Maria Roszkowska

Neural 64 + Post-Growth Toolkit by Nicolas Maigret and Maria Roszkowska

Neural 64, Post-Growth + extra: Post-Growth Toolkit by Nicolas Maigret and Maria Roszkowska. Subscribe now!

Issue #64, Autumn 2019 ISSN: 2037-108X

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  • Špela Petrič
  • Tega Brain
  • Joyce Hinterding
  • Kat Austen
  • Melle Smets
  • Thomas Thwaites


  • The Sound of Disappearance and The Sonic Sublime


  • ISEA 2019, Lux Aeterna
  • 18th Media Art Biennale WRO “Human Aspect”
  • 58th Venice Biennale and Liechtenstein Brunch / Art in Dataspace symposium


  • Dio, a definitive AI sculpture
  • Artificial Arcadia, integrating and contrasting the ecological tragedy
  • Blind Landing, aversion AI
  • BIY ™ , Believe it Yourself, data superstition
  • Degenerative Cultures, thoughts as food
  • The face of your voice 3D, from the verbal to the physiognomic
  • Collapse OS, post-apocalypse software
  • Groovular Synthesis, machine mediated texts/noises
  • VOLTA, electricity as a reading medium
  • Evoboxx, uneasy retro synth
  • Axis Mvndi, drawing to the Universe
  • The Phone Hammer, non-reversible stop to obsession
  • White Collar Crime Risk Zones, predicting middle class criminality
  • Ground Noise, playing the historical floor
  • Training Humans, engineering moral judgments into AI


  • Inspiration, augmented breathing.


  • (edited by) B.Roberts, M.Goodall / New Media Archaeologies
  • (edited by) Liam Young / Machine Landscapes
  • (edited by) M.Bauer, A.Škufca / ŠUM#11: Hypersonic Hyperstitions
  • (edited by) Peter Weibel / Sound Art
  • (ed. by) Hernández Calvo, Mariátegui, Villacorta / The future was now
  • (edited by) S.Himmelsbach, B.Magrini / Entangled Realities
  • Douglas Kahn / Energies in the Arts
  • Jaroslav Švelch / Gaming the Iron Curtain
  • Joss Hands / Gadget Consciousness
  • (edited by) Corax E.V. / Radio Revolten
  • Thor Magnusson / Sonic writing
  • Scott Rettberg / Electronic Literature
  • Tommaso Tozzi / Le radici dell’HACKTIVISM in Italia…
  • Trace Reddell / The Sound of Things to Come
  • Goodman, Heys, Ikoniadoi, Audint, Pries, Blake / AUDINT-Unsound:Undead

cd reviews

  • Iain Chambers: The Eccentric Press: Persistence Of Sound
  • Antje Vowinckel: Tuning Butterflies: Errant Bodies
  • Bana Haffar: Genera: Touch
  • Charles Pennequin: Dictaphones: FRAC Franche-Comté
  • Dead Janitor: Medusa: Urbsounds Collective
  • Francisco López & Miguel A. García: Ekkert Nafn: Crónica
  • Horla: Fantômes: Le Cabanon
  • Imok: Porte E Cardini: COdA
  • Enrico Piva: Anticlima: Spazio di Hausdorff
  • Jenna Sutela: nimiia vibié: PAN
  • Jörg Piringer: Darkvoice: Transacoustic Research
  • Matthieu Saladin: La Capture De L’inaudible: Artkillart
  • VVAA: Second Nature: éditions ésam Caen / Cherbourg
  • Nicolas Bernier: frequencies (a/archives): 901 Editions
  • Peter Orins: Happened By Accident: Circum-Disc
  • Paul Prudence: Ficciones: NLS
  • Stephen Cornford: Constant Linear Velocity: Consumer Waste
  • The Cray Twins: In The Company Of Architects: Fang Bomb
  • T.Collins & R.Goto w/C. Malcolm: Plein Air | Silva Datum: Gruenrekorder
  • Multicast Dynamics: Lost World: Denovali