Enrico Piva – Anticlima


5 CD Box – Spazio di Hausdorff

Sifting through the experiments of the 1980s and 1990s underground cassette scene, Spazio di Hausdorff has released an elegant box-set anthology dedicated to Enrico Piva. Piva was a sophisticated, passionate and well-read musician, whose work on the edge of several genres pioneered a multidisciplinary approach between musique concrète and field recording, industrial electronics and audio art. The edition of just 300 copies spans a timeframe from 1978 to 1999. Throughout this time Piva distanced himself from what might be called pretentious musical trends, creating his own approach. A generation who didn’t seek glory outside their own circle and who were immersed in their musical practice now seem more understandable. Two booklets accompanying the CDs and include critical essays by Giancarlo Toniutti and Vittore Baroni and a complete discography edited by Walter Rovere. Most of the significant research works by Piva are documented in the release. This includes a project started in 2014, which demonstrates the deep editorial skill of the Toniutti brothers. Behind this production, there is obviously a private narration: the need to remember an artist and a friend and a unique age shared with him. There is also the need to question what music is, and what we can do to bring it in tune with our personal lives.


Enrico Piva Submerging Menhirs (1987 cassette – side A)


Enrico Piva Submerging Menhirs (1987 cassette – side B)


Enrico Piva – 35 kgs (1989)