Inflated Fiction, feminism discoverable under the skin


As Arvida Byström deatils, ‘to inflate’ means to make something that takes up little space occupy a much bigger space. Her “Inflated Fiction” performance at the opening of her exhibition at Stockholm’s Fotografiska consisted of the implementation of 30 NFC (near field communication) chips under her skin, before making her body available for scanning with smartphones. It is impossible not to think of the RFID transmitters implemented beneath the skin of Eduardo Kac in his “Time Capsule” performance in 1997, and by Kevin Warwick, in his “Project Cyborg” a year later. But Byström chose for only little text messages to be ‘discoverable’, the words of which were mainly drawn from three feminists manifestos written by VNS matrix, Donna Haraway and Xenofeminist. These invisible textual tattoos define her presence, one that is proximate, pervasive and intimate.