Florian Wittenburg – Four Waves


CD – Nur/Nicht/Nur

“Maarten Slow And Quick” is the opening track of the new album by Florian Wittenburg. Since 2011 the composer has released a lot of works with Nur/Nicht/Nur, the same German experimental label who published the last project, Four Waves. After over a minute of silence, the sonority hammers hypnotically into the listener, with a delicate and pulsing touch, following an inspiration that this time is only apparently unintentional. The following first part of “Petite Magie Des Voix” requires a change of perception in listening practice, because some micro-harmonies and a quite complicated vocal background fully infuse the track. Recognizing these elements is possible only if we reset our capacity to presume the possible sources of the sounds. “Morse2minor” in its treatments is a thin song, but it owns an aestheticising feature, thanks to the absence of points of references. “Color Und Talea” hits with its modulations, thanks also to the flute contribution by John Devitt, with the regularity of the rythmic models and the emphasized and symmetrical melodic development. “Minor2morse” asks us to once again sharpen our sound perception. The perfect duo made by the vibraphone of Daniel Hamburger and the basic electronics of Wittenburg may seem improvisatory, and actually the performers don’t clarify the nature of their work process. Some elements seem to originate from free forms but we will never able to know if this is due to a millimetric plan or the result of the partnership and the development of the recordings before the definitive making. The Berliner Florian Wittemburg studied Music Technology and Instrumental Performance in the Netherlands at the Utrecht School of Arts and later majored in Paris at the Centre de Création Musicale Iannis Xenakis. He worked with different instrumentalists and developed some performance projects with a large range of creatives (including for example also a sculptor). The ability to synthesize a music tradition from the historical avant-garde and the contemporary and electronic approach make this artist always very interesting, and his scores are always very controlled and sensitive.


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