Zoe Mc Pherson String Figures



This release is produced by SVS, a label found in 2013 by Benedikt Brachtel & Daniel Hermann-Collini, a project focused on artistic residences and on a platform created for the participants. Zoë McPherson, a half French and half Northern Irish experimenter, currently based in Brussels, presents an album highly characterized by transmediality, thanks to a partnership with the video-maker Alessandra Leone. The rarefied and harsh obsession is a meeting of fascinations between the organic and the electronic, some ethnic traditions and some digital derivations. In this work the contribution by Leone can’t be just limited to an engaging visual complement. The combination of the sound sequences, the songs, the cat’s cradle hand gestures, the fingers and the bodily gestures, and the weaves originating from threads in an abstract and conceptualized bondage, clearly show the inspiring ideas of the work. McPherson imagined “a native of the future”, with a mix of elements such as generative animation, motion capture, dance and performing art, with the mutual partnership of choreographers, dancers, costumers and 3D technicians, plus the musicians and the sound engineers who worked on the live shows. Alessandra Leone followed this vision and well managed to add images and movements to create a complex art project that otherwise would have been only audio-virtual. The seven tracks of this dreamy journey are full of inspiration and compose an ethno-musical puzzle on the edge on eclectic mixes, world music and strong rhythm. The sound scores are full of dense space suggestions and mechanized cadences, effective vocals and conceptualized shocks. “Tell me the story”, the author viciously whispers on spoken words in the first track, “i. Sabotage Story (unknot opening)” and the narration shines as holy, hypnotic, multiform and trippy, or otherwise as unhealthily noisy and rhythmical in “Komusar (moving)”, where the primitivism is stressed. In other passages the electronic experimentation seems predominant, but it’s still soaked with a strong lyricism and an archaic musicality.


Zoë Mc Pherson – i. Sabotage Story (unknot opening)


Zoë Mc Pherson – String Figures