Crying Sea, sonically invasive warning


The Great Pacific garbage patch is a gyre of marine debris, mostly plastic, in the central North Pacific Ocean, discovered in the 1980s. It has recently been rediscovered by the media because of its growth and a provocative petition to declare it a country. Nevertheless, it symbolise human carelessness about the precious environment and how it manifests with a cowardly attitude if the damages are not evidently present in everyday life. Crying Sea is an installation by Park Jungsun, made by ocean waste from the Jeju sea, set in a room as an unavoidable surface to walk on. The sound created by visitor’s footsteps fill the whole room, after being additionally distorted and amplified, through a dedicated digital sound system of microphones and speakers. The structural significance of the installation is effectively working, with its relentlessness and the invasive sound. It acts like a sonically invasive warning self-induced by a physical uneasiness.


우는 바다 Crying Sea by 박정선 Park Jungsun 2017