Free Universal Cut Kit for Internet Dissidence, f.u.c.k. – i. d.


The battles for Internet freedom started the very moment it became a global phenomenon. From the opposition to cookies to the Net Neutrality defence, internet citizens’ rights have systematically succumbed to the lobbying power of corporations. In this context, artists like César Escudero Andaluz have embraced the task, reclaiming these rights through an anarchic gesture: cutting submarine internet cables using 3D-printable mechanisms. His project F.U.C.K.- ID. Free Universal Cut Kit for Internet Dissidence is a collection of devices, illustrated by short videos and downloadable .stl files, to be assembled and attached to the cables, using the sea currents’ energy to work. Far from being a Luddite gesture, it’s a mechanical, self-sustainable, slow and destructive mechanism, undermining the most strategic economic and social infrastructure, which is, paradoxically, crucial to enabling the gesture itself.


César Escudero Andaluz – F.U.C.K.- ID.