Luca Forcucci – The Waste Land


Cassette – Crónica

The Waste Land by Luca Forcucci has been issued in digital recording and audio cassette by Cronica Elettronica and has its origins in a 20 minute soundtrack for a documentary movie. The Italian-Swiss composer and sound artist always mentions the first impulse on this work but is also reserved and doesn’t spread any other details about it. Such an attitude is reinforced by the fact that the six minute field recording, given by the musician himself, doesn’t include any comments or further notes. However, it works as an exceptional amplifier of auditory perceptions and stimulates a kind of precise narration with visual paintings that lead to an “intellectual movie”. We then move to the second composition “Voices from the Coal Mine” and all we know about it is that it is inspired by a coal mine and among the ghosts evoked by the artists we ideally find Alvin Lucier the USA composer who dignified sound installations. Forcucci is an expert in these types of approaches and is careful with the relationships between sound and space, especially in those contexts related to precise typifications. This probably doesn’t push him to express these relationships directly, evolving the site specific methodologies more than documentary aspects and linguistic features also connected to the research work. The limit among these works is extremely weakened and softened with layered, resounding, unstable and grainy sounds which are marked by intriguing and dark sequences. In “My Extra Personal Space”, the flaneurs’ urban drifts and the Baudelarian intimacy work are guidelines which give birth to the modern taste in art or metropolitan matrix – that nowadays is called soundwalking – which can be shaped in sound fields and capturing natural sounds, too (the Coast in Normandy in this). In this we face sound explorations that involve the listener in interesting and amazing sensory reportages.


  • Luca Forcucci – The Waste Land