Echo, colourful sculpted disasters


The evolution of sculptures through technologies has crossed used materials and manufacturing processes, but they’re still giving shape to concepts present in our world. Even when it’s about digital technologies, sculptures have to manifest themselves, like in the case of “Echo”, an installation by Daniel Canogar. It is a series of sculptures using flexible LED tiles, creating curved screens. We can find a relationship with the Electroboutique artists’ company (Alexei Shulgin and Aristarkh Chernyshev) using bended LCD strips carrying a stream of sourced internet data. Here instead the LCD is covering at least one side of the available surface, visualising abstract animations reacting to natural global phenomena like earthquakes, fires or environmental pollution. Canogar uses the ambiguous relationship between beauty and catastrophes, but leaves to the audience the task of investigating it, while giving his sculptural machines the gift of mesmerising colours. (photo credits: Jorge Mirón)


Daniel Canogar – Echo