Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec – Outlines


CD – Errant Bodies

This release by Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec is the result of two different sound projects, a live performance in 2010, Outline , and an installation from two years later, e Caressing the Studio. Both projects shared the same guideline: a recording device used as a source of sound. The author claims that the touch, the presence, the proximity, the movement and the matter are all founding elements of these projects too. However, these perceptions can be intensely stimulated and experimented, similar to any mediated listening experience. For a long time, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, native of Ljubljana, has been interested in sound forms near the limit of perception and in the definition of sensitive spaces, on the research of the constant wavering limit between transience and continuous flux. The idea to live in the spaces in the audio ways is often present in his works, with a focus on different elements: the temporary dimension typical of any architecture, the relation between the inside and the outside spaces, the dynamics between the uncertain and the constructed, the constant changing of the circulation of unstable events. This project, released by Errant Bodies, is a compendium of all the above-mentioned practices. The interdisciplinary approach, sound inventions and electroacoustic influences are constantly played and based on a concrete correspondence between the sound artist and the places of the recordings, modulated with different volumes and with a fluctuating and unplanned density and frequency. The sounds ideally and physically describe an imaginary place and are made with the “rubbing” of a recording device between the empty and the full spaces, the surfaces and the objects, following a chosen trajectory and sometimes immediately re-played after the act. Except the first, all the tracks of Outlines are recorded after a rigorous process of preliminary investigation and preparation with the use of a non-performative setting. When a recorder physically produces a sound and at the same time records it, what it keeps doesn’t physically leave the source. It needs a speaker to do so. The result is just one of the infinite iterations started by this kind of correspondence.


  • Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec | Outline Landmark (Performance)

  • Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec | Caressing the Studio (bed, table, window, chair)(stereo version excerpt)