Katharina Klement – peripheries / sound portrait Belgrade


CD – Gruenrekorder

Today it seems to be commonly accepted that every city owns a sound DNA apart from exclusive sound experimental enclaves, which sometimes haven’t brilliantly expressed or made popular peculiar contents. However, for a field recordist, the concept of urban audio-genoma can be modulated in different ways. It is the artist’s sensibility, addressed from a peculiar starting approach, to give coherence and quality to the research, transforming it into a work of art as the final result of a complex and sophisticated sensuous experience with psycho-geographic and documentary traits. In 2014 Katharina Klement spent nine weeks in Belgrade collecting auditory catches in different areas of the city and interviewing people on the setting of those places. What made Klement more enthusiastic are the various outskirts of the Serbian city, limited areas whose borders can benefit from sudden sound transitions. Noises and feedback with their sensuous poetic chains give birth to meaningful interactions with traffic, human presences and the perception of time which seems itself to follow circular geometries and plots. Starting from the artist’s own apartment, the city is divided into eight concentric circles and every ring has its own seminal layered score. Then the raw and elaborated selected recordings are all mixed with eight sound channels, each connected to a loudspeaker, in order to restore a sort of metropolitan density to all the carefully selected materials. On the CD it is of course possible to listen to a stereo version of this complex sound happening, even though Katherina Klement , who is also an appreciated free form pianist, did not lose the opportunity to present an wholly live version in Vienna, in December 2016 at the Alte Schmiede Kunstverein in Schoenlaterngasse 9.




Gruenrekorder – peripheries | Katharina Klement