Quantum Lattice, perception and observation


Getting in touch with the work of artists Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand requires a multidisciplinary point of view, an approach that goes beyond just looking. Observation is in fact only the starting point that they themselves describe as the phenomenological action of perceiving; the awareness of the very act of perception that becomes in fact an act of research and conscience. Through a deeply elaborated path between physics, chemistry and philosophy, works by Evelina and Dmitry bring the spectator into a world where space and time are tamed and recreated, generating scientific discoveries and perceptual amplifications. In “Quantum Lattice”, an ambitious work-in-progress project commissioned by FEAT and supported by FACT, the artists take care of what they have already done in recent years about levitation, introducing the use of ion traps, to date one of the most important tools for the study of quantum, aerobiology and fundamental physics. Hollow glass microspheres (i.e. glass subjected to a process of heating that allows the working mass to spontaneous deformation) are made to be levitated and enlarged in a projection to allow naked eye observation of the particles to be blocked in the quadrupole ion trap. Charged microspheres form a cascading latticework characterized by two simultaneous kinetic regimes, outlining symmetric and asymmetrical orbits of square form and vertically oriented secular orbits … a microscopic dance that is hidden in the mystery of the reality around us. This is an aesthetic research of great impact that sees the close collaboration between science and phenomenology and aims to reach levels of reflection in every corner of the world still unknown. Benedetta Sabatini


Arts/Sciences#11: Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand