Neurotransmitter 3000, machine kinetic symbiosis


The long-standing man/machine interface historical discourse is no longer frozen on the linguistic distance between the two elements since sensors and software have started to be more widely available. Now the aim is to be in synch, or even in a kind of symbiosis, with the machine which can be reached through different approaches, but the very nature of the machine is determining the results. Daniël de Bruin’s “Neurotransmitter 3000” is a performative installation allowing the author to establish a physical relationship with a moving machine. His heart rate, body temperature, orientation / gravity and muscle tension are measured and passed to the machine which translates this data in motion: spinning and rotating de Bruin accordingly. It’s a feedback mechanism, but it deeply affects the body and mind, creating an abstract biological intimacy among them, where they understand each other. Nevertheless, it requires the human to voluntarily give up control of his personal power, mostly granting it to the machine.


Autore – Neurotransmitter 3000