VVAA – SOFA magazine issue 02, Cyberlove


Editionmessner, ISSN 2509-6672, English, 94 pages, 2017, Germany

It’s a bit surprising to once again hear the prefix ‘cyber’, which was excessively used in the 90s to describe the transition from simple electronic to futuristic digital (maybe a nostalgic comeback is soon expected?). ‘Cyberlove’, indeed, is the title of the second issue of Sofa, a Berlin-based magazine structured in monographic issues. This issue is guest edited by Natasha Lennard, a Brooklyn-based writer, and its topic is addressed through moderated G-chat conversations, art reviews, interviews, graphic spreads, plenty of columns, and even fashion photography. Different attitudes merge here, from quite a few academic references and guests, to internet folklore, through the classic journalistic style, and quite a few different levels in between, including fiction. The major elements of ‘cyberlove’ (webcams, various software platforms and algorithms, apps, techniques, human protocols, etc.) are all present and threaded through eclectic writing tactics. The content is then surely informative, provocative, discursive, quite ironic at times, and open. It reflects a strong characteristic of the digital, which is to allow sudden visual shifts in time and space, so both in the past/present, and through very different cultural environments, Sofa’s ‘Cyberlove’ overall seems to closely relate to Mondo 2000, German rave culture, Boing Boing, post-internet aesthetics, slick zines, Vibe, and digital graphics while also echoing academic discourses.

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