THERO, designed privacy control


The social perception of the internet has rapidly evolved, sporadically incorporating vivid fears about our devices’ invasion and the ways in which they might affect and infect human life. The technical level of these fears is ungraspable for the average user, but it breaks networking certainties. “Thero” developed by Rotor Studio (Román Torre and Ángeles Angulo) is an attempt to deal with these issues through design. Following a solid design tradition, it’s an essential device englobating an access point. It allows, with a single gesture, for the user to switch on a Tor relay, so encrypting and anonymising data traffic, or suddenly blocking all the social media websites, or just switching off the internet, allowing only access to local networks. Thero addresses the subtly and invisibly outer network space, regaining control over multiple options, and conditioning our ability to connect and being responsive. It is abstracting this control, that we have progressively lost, through a functional and symbolic form.


THERO / First Prototype


1ª Parte / Residencia NEXT THINGS en LABoral