Mokumedori – Mokumedori


CD – Dewfall

The Japanese sound-artist Mokumedori writes and plays music using toys and household tools. In addition, Mokumedori makes her own the tools and the masks she uses in her live performances, in the clubs, at festivals and in general for all her performance locations. This is her first album. The immediate feeling we get at first listening is a sense of nostalgia, due to some experimental treatments mixed in the passages with others more musical, harmonic and melancholic. Between the lines, the author includes some emphatic and circus quotes from the chanson française and some faint references to the Italian schools with regard to the “cinematic” composers of the 60s and 70s (some passages remind us of the most undecided scenes from some Kung-Fu movies). This involving and magic kind of avant-pop includes some classical echoes too: like in an estranging and hypnotic soundtrack portraying tableaux vivants, Mokudori defines her suggestions as a “picture story book in motion”, whose overall effect is unsettling, enchanting and psychedelic. The electronic music parts and the samples are never emphasized. This creates a dimension which apparently seems more naive and playful, whereas the experimentations apparently characterize the live performances. This dimension provides the “instrumental actions” with some basis. All the elements together guarantee a perfect operation, as should always happen when an artist embraces tout court a performance and conceptual-spectacular expressive dimension. Dewfall Records, an independent label based in Tokyo, can be happy with Mokudori’s first album, which marks her debut in the performing-art scene, day by day even more full of talents. Finally, we would like to remember that this mix of genres and styles (graphics, music, sound effects, theatre) can be connected to a broad but coherent tradition, whose artists such as Roman Kachanov, Jan Švankmajer and Jean-Pierre Jeunet are great inspirations.


  • 木目鳥 -Mokumedori- murre

  • Mokumedori – Mokumedori