Rotor, rotating topophony


Some media look back at their distant original history to what has been lost, or become unavailable. With our post-digital facilities to digitise and reconstruct, it’s relatively easy then to revive and repurpose this specific media in our hybrid worlds. Precisely repurposing an ancestral tool, ‘Rotor‘ by Lucien Gaudion is an artwork inspired by Paleolithic rhombus, a ritual musical instrument historically used for communicating over greatly extended distances. It’s formed by a helix-shaped rotor which is activated by a dedicated engine. This engine runs at the same speed as different winds blowing all over the globe. His fictionally produced ‘audio-scape’ is sonically transcribing the winds, in a nature-induced composition. The ritual and mystical quality of this process coalesces into a device that states its hybridity in time, function and role at every spin. It incorporates the past and the present flowing rapidly through its constant resounding, and recaptures something ephemeral which was otherwise lost. (photo credit Luce Moreau)


Lucien Gaudion – Rotor