Around the world and dot in red, looping networks


Since pioneering net art works like Olia Lialina/Márton Fernezelyi’s ‘Agatha Appears’ (where the protagonists seemingly remains in the same place, but actually she jumps from one website to another, noticeable only through the URL address appearing on the screen), the real time ubiquitousness of networks has been an attractive territory for artists. ‘Around the world and dot in red‘ is a net art piece by Damjanski which uses the possibility of looping through different physical places in a new and different way. The third piece of the series ‘It’s just all now’, it is a live stream which starts in New York and is rebroadcast live from Lisbon, to Berlin, Belgrade, Los Angeles and finally back to New York with a synthetic voice reading one the IP numbers involved after the other. The consequent infinite loop is literally encircling the planet with a red dot, while at the same time the video stream looks static, re-embodying the same apparent contradictions which have inspired the net art avant-garde.


Damjanski – Around the world and dot in red