VVAA – 1996: twenty years domizil


4CD – Domizil

Twenty years is not that long for a non-mainstream label such as Domizil, especially when no-one complains about the changing times. This is particularly the case when being forerunners and not followers, even if experimenting is not that popular in as difficult an age as the one we are living in. As a matter of fact, in the middle of the Nineties, a lot of musical trends had already developed while others were just starting to peek out, and digital electronic was about to fully develop widely and easily. It is then a valuable choice for this anniversary that the label founded by Marcus Maeder has avoided creating a celebrative anthology. It has preferred to do four individual issues among its most representative and active collaborators. Marcus Maeder’s own issue is the first one to be listened to in the CD player of the newsroom. From the very first sidereal notes it seems clear that the project is fascinating, floating, spaceful and extremely rich in vibrations and astronomic suggestions. In our opinion, Non.Human is pure science fiction, the last Utopic home-delivery developed from a home PC from literally one’s own domicilio. This already knowing that in a vacuum no sound can propagate and be caught by human ears. Also for Thomas Peter – Thornbill is the title of his work – inspiration comes from a rarefied and vibrational universe, with strong and improvised percussive features balancing the enigmatic and dull frequencies mixed to liquid field recordings and essential assonances. As for Bernd Schurer, the climax of Blind Material is immediately more eccentric and striking, packed with electronic hits and weird contractions which seem to be forerunners of the age of home-made computer-based music and are reminders of psychoacoustic seminal and the auditory experiments with synodal waves and analogic winces. Celebrations close up with Martin Neukom, whose sound flutters in “Studien 21.2-21.15” thanks to eight oscillators by Van De Pol (well-known tools in radio production) almost to remind us how labels are not only doomed to aesthetic, artistic and visive approach but also to a scientific one.


  • Marcus Maeder live at the Lodge/Zurich – excerpt

  • Bernd Schurer | Sound Reasons Festival | 2012 |

  • Martin Neukom – 18.9