VVAA – Sound Development City | Artist Expedition 2015 Documentation


Sound Development, ISBN: 978-8480265393, English, 263 pages, 2016, Switzerland

This is another expedition organised by Sound Development, and another thirteen sound artists, landing this time in Belgrade and Athens, two very symbolic cities for current times. This printed and, as usual, graphically impeccable documentation archives the personal artists’ paths and experiences, within the spaces they have traversed. Often in a form of an informal diary, artists account their work progressively, intervening in a specific time and territory. One of the important elements artists are given is undoubtedly the availability of time to uncover and detect what they’re looking for. So the accounts reflect the pace, what the artists’ wanted to photograph, their ability to connect thoughts or pictures to the instant, the inevitable accidents and bits and pieces that should intentionally render a whole experience. Being defined a “logbook”, this catalogue lets the reader access the remnants of consistent single projects, briefly described and mostly dealing with the perception/exploration of space, the opportunities of a different social exchange and the intervention in a specific context. Unfolding the different accounts gives a sense of a number of conscious artistic practices, properly enacted, and miles away from the sleek world of the art market. To ideally finish the publication, its last page, titled “Things We Brought Back”, is a list of objects and concepts that have been found and kept, but it’s also intrinsically a poem about the expedition’s mental state, perfectly rendering the spirit of this unique annual endeavour.


  • Lukatoyboy + Rowan de Freitas: Towards Sky