Franck Vigroux – Rapport Sur Le Désordre


LP – D’Autres Cordes

Electronics, electroacoustics, noise and contemporary music: this is the special mix created by Franck Vigroux in Rapport Sur Le Désordre. This production includes four tracks per side and is an ideal prosecution of Centaure, an audio-visual performance Vigroux made with Kurt D’Haeseleer, a video producer and the founder of Werktank (an avant-garde creative factory focused on new media art). Centaure e Rapport sur le Désordre are the final chapters of a long series about the dystopian universes. Apparently this many-sided artist (composer, musician and performer at the same time) is wedded to this theme, which was central in many other releases (on the whole the French artist has made sixteen releases, solo projects and different nature projects too). In the past Vigroux also worked with Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic) and Matthew Bourne (a piano player and composer who shares the same passion for the analog and the rarefied atmospheres). These futuristic pieces have an unusual balance, full of ups and downs but at the same time coherent and very intense. The artist develops the album’s effects into some suggestive and uncommon weaves. These weaves’ complexities are a nice surprise for the listener and create a vivid tension, full of audio impulses and with a large narrative imagination. The cinematic inclination and the search for a climax can be felt in this disorder, which is only apparent: the syntonization is started thanks to the use of tones, which are more “apocalyptic” than “integrated”. Some metropolitan feeling is mixed with an exclusive and unpredictable approach, which seems to care about the details but at the same time is not flirty or looking for easy approvals. Rapport Sur Le Désordre was meant to be full of contradictions and nuances at the same time and confirms the goals of DAC Records (D’Autres Cordes), the house of production. The album proves the validity and the passion for the mix between different styles and “trans-disciplinary” elements.


  • Franck Vigroux | Rapport Sur Le Désordre [D’Autres Cordes 2016]