Oren Ambarchi – Hubris


CD – Mego

Oren Ambarchi, Crys Cole, Will Guthrie, Arto Lindsay, Joe Talia, Ricardo Villalobos and Keith Fullerton Whitman create a special and unconventional collaboration, pervaded by repetitive rhythms. In our opinion, Villalobos may be the rhythm connector: a Chilean maverick, a minimal and microhouse guru, an original artist running electronic dance sets, famous for his controversial performances, loved or hated according to the audience. The Hubris sequence includes different elements: krautrock influences and blues schizoid flashes, and also free form variations, apparently induced by the no wave ex-guitarist of DNA. The sounds are skillfully run into two long pieces, “Hubris, Pt. 1” and “Hubris, Pt. 3”. In between we find a two minutes interlude, a lullaby with vocal fragments of a casual conversation. The whole work connects and balances different energies: traditional minimalism, jazz, rock and electronic music. Not surprisingly Oren Ambarchi, a Jew musician of Iraqi origin born in Australia, is a multi-instrumentalist, a drummer only recently switched to guitar. His performance approach seems to develop a collaborative strategy that reminds the listener of hypnotic mantras (do you remember Steve Reich or La Monte Young?), a kind of spaced out music for the new generations, full of rhythmic overlapping melodic cells, lyrical passages and contemplative atmospheres. The album is made of two long suites. In our opinion, the first one is more cerebral and rigorous, while the second one is more “musical” and diversified. This is borderland to be explored, between improvisation and serialism, drone and space music. Peter Rehberg’s Mego people are used to these genres mixtures, so we should not be surprised that the krautrock minimalism is married to disco-funk driven rhythms and layers of bass guitar, close to fuzzy and psychedelia: here everything may happen. In the end it’s beautiful to get lost in the listening experience: forget the theories and let’s follow the joyful experimental spirit raised from this unusual ensemble.


  • Oren Ambarchi – Hubris Pt. 1

  • Oren Ambarchi – Hubris Pt. 2

  • Oren Ambarchi – Hubris Pt. 3