The Last Gun, sounds in armed disconcert


A shotgun, with holes in its barrel transforming it into a double flute, played through a juxtaposed mechanics, inflating compressed air, and guided by Arduino-based programmed board to “play” the US army export market in the last decade through alternating melody and upbeat tunes depending on rise and drops in sales. This is “The Last Gun” by Constantine Zlatev (with the collaboration of Kostadin Ilov and Velina Ruseva). In the installation, the artist decided to place both the gun and the graph on a screen hanging from the ceiling with transparent wires and so “suspended” in the air, as if the judgement towards the symbolic presence of a gun would be equally suspended. The (changing) instrumental music reinforces this ethereality, creating an aura of sacrality which is contrasted by the rude rhythmic sounds of the mechanism. The contrast among the static and moving elements creates an uncanny orchestration, allowing the work to float and tidily disconcert.


Constantine Zlatev – The Last Gun