Artificial Afterlife, corpses, energy and apparatus


Attempted technological connections with the afterlife are frequent and usually speculative (see, for example, the Extra Fantômes catalogue review in this same issue). “Artificial Afterlife” by artist Amy Whittle fits perfectly with this approach, constructing a system that is technically efficient but that also works symbolically. The artist used deceased animals (donated by a local animal rescue centre) in order to create a system of analogue circuits. These homemade circuits provided enough energy to visualise red and blue flickering patterns on an adjacent monitor. The intensity of the flickering and the varying aesthetics of the simple patterns visualise the energy of each chosen animal. The whole mystifying technological system, which includes an oscillator and coloured cables, is put on display. The contradictory setting becomes even more open to interpretations, except for the stark reality of the animal carcass, lying still and releasing unexpected power.


Artificial Afterlife