sissi, kinetic sonic sculpture


“sissi” by Shohei Fujimoto is formally a Japanese traditional “Shishi-odoshi” device. These devices are originally made to frighten away animals posing a threat to agriculture. They are based on the mechanism of the “sōzu”, which is a water fountain made of a bamboo tube, pivoted to one side of its balance point. The flowing water inside the tube inverts its balance, causing it to rotate and pour out the water, but also making its heavier part fall against a rock, making a sound that usually alarms herbivores and protects the fountain. Fujimoto have assembled an orchestra of thirty of these devices in a wired programmable version. The characteristic sharp and lasting sound becomes an instrument in its own, especially when synchronized with the collective motion in what can be defined as a “sound sculpture.” It actually resembles more a complex instrument, as its main sculpture quality is to be kinetic, but also “directed” to create a superior aural experience.


  • sissi, kinetic sonic sculpture