Current Times, playing is hard work


“If computer games nowadays feel like work, why not consider them as such?” This is the provocative question Peter Buczkowski poses in his “Current Times.” In this installation he implements a specific division of labour in video-game playing, such that different players accomplish only one task and only the right coordinated sequence can let them eventually win. He cites the rate of games that are bought and not even installed as a source of inspiration and the rising interest in watching other people play rather than participating oneself, concluding that playing is coming to be perceived as labour. The division he applies to his prototype is strict and emblematic, involving up to twenty participants, where each of them is then connected to and at the same time clearly separated from the others. It is also significant that he quotes Chaplin’s Modern Times as a model but doesn’t mention Fordism in his text, although this is exactly what he is implementing.


  • Current Times – Workification of Computer Games