Yann Leguay – DRIFT-02


10″ + booklet – Artkillart

When the first works of Joseph Kosuth appeared in the mid-sixties it was immediately clear for many that the idea of art would never be the same again. Conceptual art has had many antecedents in other artistic movements; however, the systematic study of the relationship between idea, execution and work only came to be recognized as a specific genre in the seventies. Conceptual art emphasized the theme of linguistic research and freed artistic practice from its more technical, aesthetic and formal features. This new conceptual approach to the work developed in tandem with other disciplines at the time, such as the American school of minimalist music. Conceptual art was end point of a long process that permeated modern avant-gardes movements. But at the same time it never completely depleted, even when new movements returned to painting and other more tangible artistic products. Those tensions are found in this extremely refined release from Artkillart, a label created to promote experimental audiovisual and sound art. Artkillart refocuses attention on objects and musical supports: in this case a vinyl record containing 12 tracks of pure silence, cut on each side by Yann Leguay and overlaid upon each other in the DK Mastering studio. Then the vinyl is inserted into an unmarked black paper inner sleeve to which an asymmetrical and stapled booklet is glued. The thin but stylized brochure are includes technical drawings of a turntable with three arms and a theoretical text by Samon Takahashi, a short essay that explores various aspects of silence in music, ranging from John Cage to Sonic Youth and from David Tudor to John Lennon and Yoko Ono. This is yet another “phonotopia” without any recorded sound source.


Yann Leguay