Tinder In, side by side pictorial identities


There’s still a small percentage of people, especially in western culture, who might think that their public image is not dependent on their online presence, and there should be even fewer people thinking that social media are not a compelling part of it. “Tinder In” by Belgian artist Dries Depoorter is an artwork made by a series of ten photo frames containing profile pictures of the same person on LinkedIn (the explicitly career-oriented social network) and Tinder (the most popular peer-to-peer chatting and dating social network). The author here addresses an “accidental exposure” which we are all potentially exposed to, based on a simple juxtaposition of apparently unrelated visual data. But the striking difference between the communication of serious professional reliability in one environment and of enjoyable (potential) flirting/sexual availability on the other is able to confront us with the evidence of a visual vulnerability that we unknowingly embrace all the time.