Soft Revolvers, sharp audiovisual spinning


There seem to be a Canadian school of audiovisual performances involving electronic music, light and transparency, which maybe will be acknowledged in the future involving a few different artists. “Soft Revolvers” by Myriam Bleau seems to belong to this scene with her own principles. She performs four spinning tops (10” diameter each) made out of clear acrylic, equipped with gyroscopes, accelerometers and LEDs, placed inside. The LEDs are activated in a counterpoint to the sound (either as an instrument or part of a composition), which is played according to tops’ temporary positioning and spinning transmitted via wi-fi to a hidden computer. Spinning tops’ perceived behaviour is of being in a perfect but alien sync with the performer, and the rotation of bright light and pitch dark with the appearing/disappearing figure of the performer and setting (not talking about the involved persistence of vision) is just supporting its perception as a sharp digital spell.


Soft Revolvers (2014)