Data Drops, Emotions Rendering in Liquid Colours


Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet define their Data Drops as a “data sculpturing project”. It uses data from a survey about people’s emotions towards personal data being used by third parties and matches them to a colour according to Robert Plutchik’s wheel of eight primary emotions. Produced in collaboration with scientist Mario de la Fuente, the work puts drops on microscope slides which are free to move and even to merge with other drops, thanks to surface gradients and evaporations. The “interaction” is recorded and the final resulting patterns are documented. Apart from the aesthetics of the outcome, there’s an emblematic aspect to using drops as data. Drops contain a variable, an indefinite liquid quantity just as big data has a size that we can’t grasp. The purposeful use of colours might somehow compensate for that, but the structure is designed to leave the results emotionally open.


Data Drops


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