Bruno Duplant – Fictions


LP – Aussenraum

Similarly to the vicissitudes of terrorism and major international conspiracies, also disasters – especially nuclear as Chernobyl and Fukushima – trigger a kind of collective memory, of planetary unconscious and they create new narratives and feelings, often mixed and that involving the whole scale of emotions, they ranging from acceptance to rejection, sometimes even in extreme and contradictory manners. Bruno Duplant – he mentions explicitly in the notes just the ghost town of Prypiat and Futaba and he has so titled the two compositions, each occupying a side of the vinyl – never visited these exclusion zones, where time seems now a variable out of control. From these places – however – he wanted to be inspired by a kind of imaginary site-specific reports, he has investigated the relationship between reality and fiction, just in that gray area where it is difficult to distinguish whether what it was represented it is really happened or existed. “Fiction as a memory” or if you prefer sonic journalism that weaves together the fascination of ruin porn and environmental activism, and it has significant antecedents in investigating off-limits or difficult to access areas: for example as in the always cited Sounds From Dangerous Places by Peter Cusack but also in Zones Portuaires by Eric La Casa & Cédric Peyronnet, in the Interior Field by Richard Chartier, in Stromboli by Geir Jenssen or in Storm by Chris Watson & Bj Nilsen, just to mention some of the latest projects of this kind. The sounds used by Bruno Duplant already had originally some connection with the places mentioned (Prypiat and Futaba) but the subsequent treatment to create the malia of a “Lost World”, by virtue of the effects that evoke atmospheres of persistent electronic radiations, of the electro-acoustic manipulations and of the most organic auditory catches: all wisely calibrated in order to create powerful emotions, result that the Franch sound-artist centers in full and of which to Aussenraum can only be proud.