Asmus Tietchens – Ornamente (zwischen Null und Eins)



Asmus Tietchens’ latest work is a subtle form of electronica that organises minimal audio emergencies and moments of silence alongside hissing, ringing and digital glitches. The dynamics are gentle but the sound remains intelligible, with feedback and resonant metallic vibrations juxtaposed with unearthly echoes. Line (a label based in Los Angeles, directed by Richard Chartier) are comfortable with visual arts projects and multimedia/audio installations, and welcome such stylistic hybrids, especially when, as in this case, they exhibit uncommon sound qualities. This record combines electroacoustic echoes, experimental avant-garde free-form elements and abstract ethereal structures, displaying a very personal style. Tietchens is no stranger to dark abstract atmospheres. The artist has experience in many varied musical genres and draws on a number of diverse approaches here, playing with concepts and including philosophical references. The most obvious point of reference for the five tracks in the line-up is academic musique concrète, but the master of Hamburg knows well enough to disengage himself from this tradition. Tietchens is a prolific composer with a multifaceted electronic background and is consistently able to conjure up new imaginaries: his more than 40-year career has seen innumerable experimentations and transitions. He has maintained a keen ability to grasp the nuances of the contemporary, a feat many of his peers have not always managed to accomplish. This is a successful and consistent release, highly recommended to those with passion for sensitivity and detail in music.

Asmus Tietchens – Ornament 2