Luigi Archetti – There


CD – Domizil

Swiss experimenter Luigi Archetti returns with a second album on Domizi after his 2007 Fragments On Speed, Slowless and Tedium. The current release processes penetrating and austere auditory sequences into structures less melodic and more dronal. The frequencies and patterns are vivid, oscillating subtly through precise grooves. The soundscapes outline dreamy, undulating atmospheres – the tense, enveloping abstractions offering no reference points for the listener. Archetti has experience creating spaces that exude a visual quality, with multiple impulses interacting freely. Here our perceptual capacities are tested; stimulating a greater resilience to the prolonged hisses and the abstract elements that are permeated by sort of cosmic interference and cause a dizziness of temporal disorientation. It is a kind of redemption that cleanses us, an artistic asceticism that always comes to terms with the imagination and is redolent of a special talent. Sounds become pointy like pins – they hurt us and arouse an unconscious fragility in this ambivalence, between a sense of loss and the immersive quality of these new perceptions. The composition is divided into three parts – eighteen, twenty-seven and ten minutes respectively – forming a fuzzy continuum, modulated in patterns of very dilated and hallucinatory sound particles, with no easy concessions to quietist aesthetics. With There Archetti has produced something non-trivial, mysterious and engaging.


LUIGI ARCHETTI at Sonic Circuits