Netherworld – Zastrugi


CD – Glacial Movements

Alessandro Tedeschi’s Glacial Movements has been recognized for several years for its meritorious work in the areas of experimental, ambient and drone, with a catalogue that plays host to the likes of Mick Harris, Scott Morgan, Francisco Lopez, Pjusk, Rutger Zuydervelt, Yuya Ota, and among others. Two surprises came in 2014: an announcement of a temporary closure of the label and a return that sees an absolutely new stylistic positioning. A new series of works branded with the name Iceberg mark a definite turn towards dub techno. More generally it has been noted that a number of sub/genres not previously known for experimentalism are now heading in that direction (or exchanging skills, if you will). Many formally puristic techno artists are looking at producing more conceptual work, perhaps as an opportunity to obtain new visibility and recognition. Glacial Movements retains its distinctive approach, however – one steeped in a rarefied and minimalist aesthetic. Of course you do not become a technohead with a magic wand and there remains a well-adjusted sensitivity toward the ethereal and the hypnotic in these dance-oriented sequences. The results are elegant and conceptual, relying on compositional wisdom and specifically positioned musical tastes.


Netherworld – Bergie Seltzer [Glacial Movements]