Marsen Jules – Marsen Jules at GRM


CD – Oktaf

The GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales) is located in the headquarters of Radio France in Paris and is now part of the INA (Institut National de l’Audiovisuel). For over fifty years, the famous institution founded by composer Pierre Schaeffer, has run a unique sound laboratory and collaborated with a variety of experimental composers and researchers . Throughout a two-week residency in the centre during the winter of 2009, composer Marsen Jules had unbridled access to the vast collection of analogue instruments GRM have in their collection. The result can now be appreciated in Marsen Jules at GRM. This was to be a decisive experience for the German sound artist, who is also incidentally an excellent dub-techno DJ. The project was carried out and mastered with the help of another prophet of drone music and personal friend of the artist, Taylor Deupree. Jules has also recently released the album Beautyfear on Oktaf, a score designed for a theatre in Lisbon. Marsen Jules at GRM features two tracks, one of eighteen and one of sixteen minutes approximately. The soundscape of GRM is extremely minimal. This is a hypnotic continuum that does not admit defections; it is all encompassing. To play devil’s advocate, one could argue that all of GRM’s fancy equipment and vintage electronics are not audible between the grooves of the release. Nonetheless, we were fascinated by the compositions and can only conclude positively, stressing how the balance of elements is maintained throughout. If it’s sometimes a little spare, it’s still engaging.


Marsen Jules at GRM | Album Trailer | (Oktaf09)