Achim Wollscheid & Bernard Schreiner – Calibrated Contingency


CD – Baskaru

Calibrated Contingency began life as a live improvisation held in Graz in 2011. The duo’s performance involved speakers positioned in a straight line facing the audience, with the artists separated from each other by a wall – each engaged in executing a specific stereo setup. Achim Wollscheid and Bernard Schreiner are experimenters who can boast of remarkable experience in different fields. In these 47 minutes they have reeled off a composition full of interwoven drones, quietist passages, fuzzy frequencies, static elements and other audio emergencies – sometimes glitchy and stuttering, at other points more persistent and iterative. The grooves do not immediately evoke Wollscheid’s dark, industrial stylizations, nor do they fully represent the refined, granular, sound-art approach of Schreiner on first listen. This is a stinging album, full of suggestions, whose harmonies unfold in a very raw and direct manner. The many diverse soundscapes of this continuum are, however, consistently impressive, maintaining an uninterrupted listening experience that is both vivid and ductile. This is radical computer music, with roaring, pulsing waves creating imposing moods, transliterating an old-school electronica into more contemporary and digitized attitudes.


Achim Wollscheid & Bernard Schreiner – Calibrated Contingency (excerpt)