Takahiro Kawaguchi, Tim Olive, Makoto Oshiro – Airs


CD – 845 Audio

The term air in music generally refers to a tune, song or more broadly to a composition. All four tracks in Airs are presented using the same pre-defined rules in terms of the structure of the sounds, the time, the sound sources and the density of the patterns used. The use of microphones was fundamental in emphasizing the element of “air”, a vibrational and physical medium that has contributed greatly to the overall sound and atmosphere of the recorded environment. The project was recordedentirely in a studio in Tokyo and recorded and mastered by Takahiro Kawaguchi, Tim Olive and Makoto Oshiro. The title Airs is not spared allusion to common idioms, such as to “give oneself airs,” although in this instance all praise is well justified. Not all experimental musicians or sound designers also build their own instruments and can play a single guitar string with magnetic pickups. It takes experience and genius in short, skills in relating to the work of others, and a certain knowledge to calibrate concepts and aesthetic work. Here the quality of sequences, the interactions between different specialisms which find expression in audio concatenations between the natural, the machinic and the synthetic, stand out for their originality and attention to detail, perpetually moving between these poles. The flow of sounds is only relatively challenging, while the rhythmic elements abound alongside pauses and silences too, interspersed by more noisy or meditative passages.


Takahiro Kawaguchi + Makoto Oshiro Multiple Tap LDN