KK Null – Cryptozoon Stereo Condensed Mix


CD/DVD – Aagoo

Kazuyuki Kishino, aka KK Null, is a Japanese experimental instrumentalist. Beginning with early noise experiments in the eighties and moving from progressive to hardcore to a kind of free form, Null has gradually embraced other improvisational techniques and a decidedly more electronic approach. Cryptozoon Stereo Condensed Mix is less than twenty minutes in its entirety and is released in a CD/DVD hybrid format, with a stereo audio track and two quadraphonic video tracks. The work, commissioned by INA-GRM, a French research group focused on electroacoustic music, was presented for the first time at the Festival Présences Électronique in Paris in 2013, but only now sees public release with Aagoo, a US label run by Alec Dartley and Julien Fernandez. This music does not allow half measures: either you love it or you hate it. His guttural sounds, here mixed with ambient field recordings, including birdsong and various gurgling and gushing water sounds, will even surprise listeners who are used to such arrangements. KK Null has also played in a famous and controversial group, the Zeni Geva. Over the years his sonic extremism has attenuated, moving towards drones, emphasising the dramatic and sculptural qualities of certain sounds and all in all exhibiting a greater passion for electroacoustic ambience, an approach that Null defines without a hint of irony as “cosmic noise maximal.” The releases of Kazuyuki Kishino are not for everyone, but for those of us who followed him over the years, this artist, who still retains the energy of a teenager, continues to surprise and engage.