Moon Zero – Tombs


2CD – Denovali

Behind the enigmatic moniker Moon Zero hides the London artist, sound designer, experimental author, filmmaker and David Lynch fan Tim Garratt. The tracks on Tombs, following the thread of a rarefied and environmental inspiration, were sketched, played and then recorded entirely in churches. These are sumptuous sacred halls for sound that boast unparalleled reverberation characteristics available for processing. The results are extreme but inspired. The composer appears to have constructed the work in such a way that it can be easily adapted to live performance, even if the resulting sequences use a variety of instruments, including drawbar organ, synth bass, FX processors and guitar pedals. The concepts of “real space” and “depth of sound” permeate all four tracks in the first of the two CDs, but also in the remix of Sun Hammer, Zvuku, The Cyclist and Bruised. We then move on to another CD, “Loss”, featuring four other tracks, the result of a year spent working on techniques and processes in order to play Moon Zero live, each time strengthened by experience accumulated in the field. Loss hangs between nostalgia and inevitability, never predictable or out of register.


Moon Zero – Endless Palms