Hecq – Conversion


CD – Ad Noiseam

Crossover between experimental work and more normative fields of contemporary music (especially those that incorporate elements derived from electronic scenes) has always been a path fraught with danger – though one offering many possibilities for fruitful and engaging payoffs. Conversion by Hecq is the result of a long creative process that has been designed as a form of homage to the artist’s peers, to the many influences that have accompanied and informed his pursuit of music. Last year’s release Horror Vacui already began the process of reflecting on his journey thus far, an interest that has culminated in this remix album. Ben Lukas Boysen – the real name of the artist – has reworked ten tracks: Bersarin Quartet, Ruby My Dear, Roel Funcken, D-Saw, The Outside Agency, To Lusine ICL, Anodyne, of TechDiff, Bong-Ra and Svarte Greiner. The music moves from breakcore to downtempo dub, through different techno styles and more harsh and immediate street influences, switching between ambient adaptations and stinging, heavily melancholic sequences. Conversation reveals an eclectic taste, perhaps the culmination of a trajectory for the genre, but one that also feels like a cathartic clearing of the slate in preparation for something totally new.


Hecq: “Conversions” Medley