Steve Roden – Flower & Water


CD – Dragons Eye

This album opens with iterated patterns that unravel with extreme precision. Appealing multiform textures and subtle crackling audio emergencies accelerate, slow down and reassemble at will in a cascading catalogue of new sequences. The skillful articulations of Steve Roden are here firmly rooted in the physical world. Source material included flexi-discs – which in the case of the track “Breadly Medly (Dry Hill”) contained a blues piano composition – that were intentionally broken and put back together. During playback and recording Roden also placed objects on the surface of the cheap turntable he used. “Since I am not a true remixer, I decided to modify tracks via physical manipulation”. The Los Angeles-based artist considers his pieces similar to a series of temporary sculptures. Before any subsequent digital processing took place was the act of pure analogue sampling. The record is infused with these delicate and dexterous sounds, activated through improvised ruptures, patched-up breaks and the noise of slipping needles – the disorder inherent in the process enhancing the overall tone of the work. It is also no coincidence that the track titles are all taken from the book “A Baker’s Dozen of Daily Bread and More” by Paul Novak, a cooking metaphor very appropriate for this masterfully crafted album.


Steve Roden – transparency (red)