dj sniff – incredulous cuts – reinterpretations of the doubtmusic catalogue


CD – Doubt

Exclusively sourcing sounds from the Doubtmusic catalogue – an independent Japanese label featuring artists such as Otomo Yoshihide, Mats Gustafsson, Akira Sakata and Koichi Makigami – Incredulous Cuts mixes traditional abstract hip-hop and turntablism sensibilities with a refined and culturally-sensitive approach that feels very contemporary and conceptual. Takuro Mizuta Lippit – the real name behind dj sniff – is a musician, curator and producer who has been active in the experimental electronic, improvisation and free jazz scenes, although many of his projects have blurred the boundaries of these disciplines. Mizuta has been the artistic director of STEIM in Amsterdam for seven years, an institute that researches and develops electronic performance tools, and has worked with many influential musicians and producers such as Evan Parker, eRikm, Jaap Blonk and C. Spencer Yeh, just to name a few. The Japanese musician believes strongly in the autonomy of the turntable as an instrument, although his interest in methodology has often led him to move beyond a purist approach. He has employed a number of very individual configurations, including the use of his homemade “sensor scratch box”. It is a shame we don’t have the space to discuss in detail the methods underlying the records he produced at the School Of Creative Media at the University of Hong Kong, which are testament to a masterly technique and a progressive approach to the creation of new sounds.


dj sniff Transonic 2012 Full performance