Thomas Tilly – le Cébron / Statics and sowers


LP – aussenraum

This release is a refined edition and a rarity for collectors: a 180g transparent vinyl, whose artwork and customised centre have been designed by Jean-Luc Guionnet, an artist with a taste for improvisation (in both music and painting). The latest album by Thomas Tilly, a French sound artist who loves field recordings and dense electronic elaborations, presents two different compositions: ‘Le Cébron’ and ‘Statics and sowers’. The first track is based on captures made near a frozen lake, while the second combines recordings from beehives and mixer feedback. Tilly is a field recordist, but he also likes to work on tape music compositions and improvisation, a style that could be defined as noise, with his “tastes” clearly manifested in the audio captures he presents. Textures created out of the sounds of ice breaking have a grainy, pointillist quality. These are combined with unclear background noises that stretch over a large frequency range. The swarming of bees in the second track produces some very interesting vibrations. It may be pointed out that this is not the first time that glaciers and bees have been the subject of sound research, but originality in the choice of subjects is not the only criteria by which to judge experimentations of this kind. This project is coherent, skilfully executed and engaging. Apart from a few irritating passages the album follows a delicate path, climaxing in the middle part of the second tune with quick, incessant feedback loops. A great production that will certainly appeal to lovers of this genre.


Thomas Tilly) – Live at kuS