S.M.S., smoke as a medium for the masses


The extreme range of possible smartphones functions is fulfilling the imaginary about uncharted innovation in our daily tasks. Smartphones have replaced computers in this respect because of their innate mobile nature, opening up a completely new set of possibilities and revisiting some very old ones. S.M.S. (Smoke Messaging Service) by Dennis De Bel is an iPhone hardware add-on that allows it to emit smoke signals, one of the oldest forms of long-distance communication. It also uses a Polybius square encryption (dating back to 150 BC to the origin of cryptography) converting alphabetic characters into numeric ones. Sophisticated hardware cinematically reproducing an antique (and very limited) mode of communication is not only a historical paradox, but a sarcastic assertion of how it’s still possible to re-appropriate our methods of communication, even after we have formed ingrained relationships with companies to manage them for us.


S.M.S., smoke as a medium for the masses.