Richard Chartier – Interior Field



Interior Field, Richard Chartier’s latest release for LINE is a refined and abstract score originally presented at the Civilian Art Projects in Washington (USA) in 2012. This is a stereo reworking of a multichannel project that was formed from various field recordings captured in locations all over the world. This compositional practice has allowed Chartier to combine the physicality of many unique environments in order to create an acoustic space. The technique appears almost aleatory and Chartier doesn’t seem to strictly follow any particular approach. The project utilizes a similar methodology to that developed in the excellent Fields for Mixing: the ethereal structures are manipulations of the original captures and contain many dronal elements, hypnotic textures and intangible ruptures. The second half of the work adds a number of binaural recordings captured at an unusual site: the McMillan Sand Filtration Site in Washington. The site was comprised of around twenty different spaces, all around one acre in size, in which sand was used to filter water from the Potomac river – a purification technique that became obsolete at the end of the 20th Century. Although the sounds here are often harsh, clotted or very quiet, the listening experience is fascinating with attention focused on the even the smallest of details.


Richard Chartier – Interior Field (Album Preview)