Moon by Ai Wei Wei and Olafur Eliasson, collective testament.


It’s very hard to resist the invitation to write something on the lunar surface. Moon, the work that brings together the untameable Ai Wei Wei and Olafur Eliasson allows you to do exactly this. Connecting to the website Moon it is possible to leave your thoughts about the moon on your screen, on a site already adorned with images and thoughts from people all over the world. After authentication you have access to a graphical editing tool that allows you to draw or write on a selection of lunar surfaces in black or gray (in a perfect lunar style). It is not the first collective image experiment. The most famous example is surely Communimage launched in 1999 by Johannes Gees: a huge single image formed from those added by users. On the website (still available) we find traces of different versions of this gigantic collection. Some of these are physical, obtained by printing the whole image or part of it. Others instead are constructed through some analysis of the image metadata that in this way assumes various and numerous shapes. Moon instead offers a unique tool of expression (the editor available to the users) and a magic environment (a moon in 3D). Unlike the constant mutability of Communimage, Moon seems to instead offer a safe space for preservation. According to the authors: “Through messages and non-verbal communication, in a language unique to each person, the collective work becomes a testament to personal freedom, creativity, and activity”. Moon presents itself as a place of memory. The collective creativity becomes a monument, although it takes the risk of electing the Network as the imperishable guarantee of its conservation, as if it is eternal and alert, like the moon, which is also ever-changing and bizarre. Chiara Ciociola