ujif_notfound – aneuch


MiniCDr – Electroton

In spite of being a limited edition of just 100 copies, this MiniCDr published by Electroton focuses the attention of international audiences on another interesting Ukrainian electronic experimenter. It’s not the first time that the German label (run by Martin Weiss in Nuremburg) has showed interest in artists from the north-eastern European scene. Now it’s the turn of Gregoriy Potopalski, a media artist who focuses on the construction of algorithmic systems of interpretation through specific programming languages. The Kiev-based artist behind the moniker “ujif_notfound” gives life to rarefied and minimal sequences that are simultaneously austere and replete with elliptical weaves and iterative feedback that has been specifically calculated. The work features clotted atmospheres and low frequencies alongside lighter audio emergencies and astral melodies. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the inspiration for the record comes from. Do the emotional qualities and faint textures only originate from a series of abstract expressions? We like to imagine in the three tracks (22mins) the graceful ambience and futuristic textures are due to some impersonal and cosmic combinations that arise out of algorithmic calculations. Although the project has been conducted with rigour, we still feel there is space here for additional options. Whatever it is, the result is wonderful: listening to these holy and quietist synthonies transmits some immaterial beauty.


ujif_notfound – aneuch [Album Teaser]