Mountain Black – Closing In


CD – Moozak

Marin Key, aka Mountain Black, weaves a series of dense and rarefied cinematic evolutions in Closing In, his debut album. The album was released by Moozak, an experimental label established in spring 2008 in Vienna that also promotes a festival by the same name. The festival, which has completed its third edition, is focused on audio-visual and installation art and is particularly appreciated for its many live events, videos, readings and open works. Although this work is clearly inspired by a fascination with movie soundtracks and cinematic imaginaries the sequences are detached from specific contexts and are distant from specific visual references and narrations. Overall the author’s approach to composition is quite open and abstract. In spite of the many field recordings included in the work, the author stresses that they lack referential meaning. The passages, however, are filled with definite atmospheres: electronic drones, crackles and gurgles, emergent glitches and different forms of audio tremors. The climax is unpredictable: many of the structures appear to have no connection to the continuum. The sound quality is undoubtedly high, although a sound design purged of thematic and site-specific references may seem questionable to many: in this case the solutions are not perceived as new and there is the risk the work may come across as snobbish and self-centered.


Mountain Black – Closing In / Album Promo Snippets