Jolana Havelková & Lucie Vítková – Návrh Na Změnu Partitury



Jolana Havelková & Lucie Vítková are together once again In Návrh Na Změnu Partitury, a work whose title refers to Proposal For An Alteration Of The Score. This duo from the Czech Republic combine visual art, photography and electroacoustic music and have earned a relevant place in the extremely variegated Eastern European experimental circles. This work, as mentioned by the artists in their refined A3 attachment, has been inspired by František Kmoch, a Bohemian composer active during the second half of the 19th century who was committed to compositions based on the recovery of local traditions in reaction to the austere compositions typical of his age. Havelková in particular worked on the creation of new musical scores of the master of Kolín works: she transformed them into graphic signs, illustrated and subdivided with different techniques and unconventional scores. On the basis of these multiform drafts, Vítková played accordion, piano and organ in addition to vocal work, creating a rearrangement of lost memories and imaginative visual scans of the environments and objects of this “reinterpretation”. The mood is very sensitive and minimal, carefully organized but not free from improvisational jumps, including site-specific visions, humoral harmonic passages and very lyrical and suggestive parts. It seems that the composition and the interpretation are parts of the same “corpus” and represent a sort of musical topography made with the computer.